Creative Networks performs fiber optic work in Laos. At a 500 / 115kv facility. Read more about the Project. Customer ABB Substations.

Creative Networks launches an official collaboration with Mälar Energi for cable blowing.

Creative Networks performs fiber optic work in Chong Qing, China. With the system solutions Ribbonet and GPON. Customer Ericsson.

Creative Networks makes 2 new purchases of core-lined fiber welds. Fujikura 50S and Sumitomo T39, We select 2 suppliers to promote competition. And to meet the customers’ demands for low skarvdämpningar ????

Creative Networks writes contingency agreement with Strängnäs City Network.

Creative Networks performs fiber optic work in Port Ghalib, Egypt. Customer Ericsson.

Creative Networks is building a computer hall for Ericsson education. Customer Coore.

Creative Networks change name to Creative Networks Infranet AB.

Creative Networks builds out the High Speed UMTS 3GTurbo in Stockholm. Customer Masbo Networks.

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